Monday, July 03, 2006

Access to this Internet site has been blocked and logged

The Web Nazis at The Bank have been busy this weekend, adding more of the webcomics that keep me from going insane on a daily basis to their banned list.

"" is one that I can understand that they would block. It can be pretty coarse and rude at times. Well, actually, it's that way almost all the time.

"Slightly Damned" was probably blocked based solely on the name. Sure, it's about demons, but the main demon character is sort of adorable and fuzzy. Hardly a demon at all. And it's got an angel that turns into a cute, fluffy bunny.

But, come on, there is absolutely nothing offensive that you could find in "Count Your Sheep" that warrants being put on a banned list. It's a girl and her sheep. Admittedly, that sentence could be twisted into some sort of yiffing perversion but really, it's a comic suitable for all ages.

I really don't understand how they work. Plenty of non-work related sports sites are still available. Car sites. Fashion sites. All that mainstream crap is still available for employees to waste their time on, why pick on as inoffensive a webcomic as "Count Your Sheep"?

I noticed another oddity of censorship a few weeks ago. I was searching on the keyword "meatatarian" and every website was blocked. On the other hand, all the vegetarian and vegan websites were fully available. I'm feeling discriminated against because of my dietary choice.

On the plus side, they still haven't shut down "Narbonic". Shaenon Garrity just announced that all of the archives are available FOR FREE now. I spent three hours last night reading, all the time between calls during the day and skipped eating dinner tonight to get caught up. On top of that, the collected Volume 3 is out. I'll be ordering that shortly.

I have mentioned before that she is evil that way.

GerbilMaybe she'll doodle on the mailing envelope again.

I would like to give her at least partial credit (along with Phil and Kaja Foglio's "Girl Genius") for my "Mutants and Masterminds" character Brian Czitrovszky. (Session #1, #2, #3, #4) It was disappointing that the game mechanics and the GM's version of the game didn't allow for that sort of mad genius I was looking to develop. It took far to long to design and build things, the rules for IA and robots didn't mesh well and the GM was too busy masturbating with his Deadpool character to design a coherent plot in which a mad genius could prosper.

Perhaps when the Girl Genius RPG comes out. Well, probably not. I'd be the only one to buy that game and thus would be running it. Not that I don't mind running games (I ran a Rolemaster/Middle-Earth campaign for three years back in college) but I'm still pining for a good game that I can be a player character in.

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