Friday, July 07, 2006

Slush in my skull.

At the end of the day I left work swiftly so that I could hurry home because my daughter was going to borrow the car for the weekend and wanted to get started driving while there was still plenty of daylight. I walked half way across town to the end of Grant Street where I normally park my bike and had a momentary "Where the fuck is my bike" panic before remembering that this morning I had parked my bike right outside my building so that I could get going more swiftly.

The past month of all-day queues because we have been short staffed is really taking its toll on my brain. I'm not sleeping well, running on about four hours a night. I've lost my appetite. When I get home, I have no motivation to do the website and other computer work that needs to get done. I pulled a class out of the dish drain and before I got over to the refrigerator to get some ice from the freezer I had forgotten and had reached into the cabinet to get another glass.

"Help is on the way."

So said the e-mail from the Operations Manager, praising us for our hard work. That help arrived yesterday in the form of a single new employee. That is, I think that's who the new face is because he wasn't introduced around (at least, not to me) and I am certainly not involved in his training. We've lost at least half a dozen in the past month; one isn't going to make an appreciable difference even if they do get him trying to take password calls in record time.

My brain is no longer functioning properly and weekends aren't enough to recover.

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