Monday, July 24, 2006

Blocking the way.

On the way back to my car after work, I found this Mazda 3 pretty much blocking the end of the trail in Panther Hollow.PA license DNH-5038First off, there was the sign a few hundred feet back that said that this was a private driveway and there was no parking. Next, it was a closed gate, which should give someone a clue that maybe they shouldn't park there. Third, it's a bike trail so there are going to be plenty of bicycles going by. Why park almost directly in the way of where the traffic is going to be moving when, if you still want to be a moron, you can park a yard or two to the left and ant least keep your pretty car away from the potential for dings and scratches?

All that being said, some offended cyclist had left a huge spitwad on the passenger window to show his displeasure. This sort of behavior only compounds the situation. The parking pinhead will feel justified in causing trouble for "those damn cyclists."

So, I choose the tack that I used with Codename P, documentation. Maybe next time I'll call the police to have them issue a parking citation.

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