Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mutants and Masterminds session #4

After the battle with the Red Hulk, Justice and Cosmic Kid fled the scene leaving Brian Czitrovszky to deal with the police. They wanted to take him downtown for questioning but Luther Lexington showed up and vouched for him. Oddly, though, that defense was not followed up on in any way.

Brian caught a bus home to work on repair his van. While doing that, Cosmic Kid and Nexus (a new player character, essentially a humanoid black hole) showed up tracking an energy signature. They are immediately fired upon by the lab's defenses. Cosmic Kid can withstand the paralyzing rays long enough to call the lab on his cell phone and ask to have the shooting stop.

They come in and ask Brian about the Unbihexium. Still working on the van, Brian says, "Sure, it's the box on the table over there. Knock yourself out." Whereupon, Cosmic Kid nearly does just that when he opens the box and is bathed in the Kryptonite, err, Unbihexium rays. (He looses 1 point from each of his stats.) Nexus closes the box and makes an exclamation about Brian's letting something so dangerous lying about.

"Poppycock!" Brian says and takes the crystalline ore out of the box to show that it has no effect on him. Cosmic Kid, however, takes more damage (2 more points) while Brian is fascinated by the effect it has on his alien physiology.

Deadpool teleports in with Flashdancer (another PC) and a cop from the Star Squad (yet another PC that hasn't chosen a superhero name yet). It was from the cop that Brian learns that Deadpool had stolen the Unbihexium sample. Brian was done with it and so had no problem with allowing the cops to take it back (with the hope the they would also arrest Deadpool and get him out of his hair.) Shortly after the fast ones left, half a dozen robots of the type that first attached Brian's lab show up.

Deadpool and Nexus fight them while Brian attempts to remote-hack. He is able to regularly break through the firewall but usually is only able to stun one of them to keep it out of the fight. Eventually, he's able to crack one wide open and he orders it to do a complete shutdown. Cosmic Kid and Flashdancer return and give fight. Flashdancer is a speedster (ala The Flash) and does the cliched "wrap the opponent in cable" trick. Brian connects the end of the cable to the power supply on his particle accelerator and fries the thing. Eventually, the rest are defeated and the game session ends.

Brian's goal for the fight (aside from staying alive) was to capture one of the robots. The robot's mission was clearly to either kill or capture meta-humans. Once that task was complete it would return from whence it came. The robot's memory has that information and with that, Brian will be able to track down who keeps sending these guys to wreck the lab. Another thing to deduce is how these robots are identifying metahumans. Are they programmed with individual information ("Capture Brian Czitrovszky!") or is there some sort of sensor that allows then to detect metahumans? Lastly, with the robot intact it should be able to be reprogrammed and set it to the task of defending the lab from other attacks.

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