Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gruntled Henchmen

Narbonic is a terrific webcomic by Shaenon Garrity about mad scientist Helen B. Narbon and her henchmen. And, in keeping with the mad scientist theme, Shaenon has devised a diabolical website. You can read today's webcomic but you can't go back and read yesterday's without getting a subscription. You can read a few chapters but you can't learn the details of the Dave Conspiracy or what happened while henchman Dave Davenport was dead without either subscribing or ordering the printed collected volumes.

Well, she got me on that second one. Instead of eating dinner, I sat at the dinner table, read both volumes and laughed my ass off.

But, I don't feel used (well, not much, anyway) because she not only autographed both books but included original artwork on the mailing envelope. One can't feel exploited when the package comes with adorable gerbils.

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