Saturday, January 12, 2008


A friend of mine brought a "Tales from Earthsea" DVD back from Japan. The problem is the Region 2 DVD will not run on US players. I popped it in my Ubuntu Laptop and it started right up. The problem I have is that it defaults to playing DVDs with Totem Movie Player and Totem starts playing the movie right away and doesn't allow me to access the menu so I can read the subtitles. I prefer to use Ogle. (I haven't changed my default settings yet to have it start Ogle automatically.)

So, I can watch the movie. Not as good as I would have hoped, apparently director Gorō Miyazaki did not inherit his father Hayao's directorial skills. (I may review it here in more detail later.)

Even so, I wanted to have a copy of it since I don't have any idea when it may be released in the US. (Not for two years at least.) It wouldn't work with the standard copy program because the 7+gig image would not fit on a 4.7gig DVD-R. I installed k9copy and it appeared to copy the disk completely but it will not run at all on Ogle. It will start up with Totem but, again, I can't access the menu to adjust the subtitles.

More work to be done.

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