Monday, January 21, 2008

Girl Toys. Boy Toys.

I was in the toy store when a mother and kids walked by. One of her young girls took a moment to stop and admire the new Indiana Jones Lego sets that just came out. The mother scolded:

"Don't look at those. Those are for boys."

Can you think of anything more demeaning or sexist? Legos are one of the best, most universal, most imaginative, most fun toys ever invented. Hell, I was in the store specifically to buy Lego for myself, and I'm 41 years old! Why would any parent deny a child Lego because of their gender? What's wrong with you, woman?


Alex said...


With all my boys, I get that all the time. My littlest loves dolls. He's just a caring guy. But no.... ::growl::

I want those Indy sets. Bad. Real bad.

Heidi said...

Arrgh! I know where this was. It appears that my place of high school graduation is still yinzer paradise. No one should wonder why I've never been back for a reunion.

Heidi said...

Alex: They're action figures! LOL!