Friday, January 18, 2008

Return to normalcy

My dad called me this evening to ask if I was going to the Gun Show this weekend. If so, he was going to loan me the Bill Bryson book he got for Christmas, "In a Sunburned Country." My mom had asked me when we had been together at Thanksgiving for a book recommendation and I knew my dad would appreciate this one.

The conversation went on as if the familial meltdown of New Years had not even happened. It was completely expected. My father conveniently ignores conflicting issues and, given enough time, apparently forgets completely that there were issues in the first place.

This only reinforces my conclusion that my efforts to "fix" my family have been completely wasted. If my rantings and tearful pleadings had no discernible effect on my parents behavior then it is a lost cause.

I've tilted that windmill.

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