Thursday, January 03, 2008


I've been trying to upload Google Earth .kmz files up into Google Maps but it kept giving me an error. The Google Earth Community website revealed that the upload from file feature had been broken for some time. The option was to upload from a URL. To do this I would need to load the file up to my domain with FTP.

I hadn't loaded an FTP client onto my Ubuntu Laptop yet so I shopped around and decided to try FireFTP, an FTP client for Firefox. Afterwards, though, my NoScript extension failed. And then, I would have to attempt to start Firefox two or three times to get it to finally launch. I tried disabling the extensions and reinstalling them all to the same result.

I went into the Synaptic Package Manager, uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. I did a complete removal and reinstallation of Firefox. Same result.

The Ubuntu Forums had the following command line uninstall:

sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox
mv -v ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla-backup
sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox* mozilla-firefox*
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox
That did it. I added the FireFTP extension first and everything was fine, so it wasn't it's fault inherently. I reloaded all my other extensions but when I reloaded NoScript it crashed again.

I tried again, figuring that FireFTP and NoScript were incompatable. I uninstalled and re-installed everything again except FireFTP. But then NoScript crashed again when I reinstalled GreaseMonkey, and that fragged Firefox.

I don't think it's FireFTP or GreaseMonkey that are to blame, it's an instability in NoScript.

One more uninstall and reinstall. This time, I installed NoScript first. Then GreaseMonkey. That went well so I thought I'd try to expand things by installing FireFTP. This was looking good. Then ForcastFox. Then ColorZilla. Then AdBlock.


I was back to figuring that it was NoScript and FireFTP. I tried it all one more time. NoScript. AdBlock. GreaseMonkey. ColorZilla. ForcastFox.


Once more, without NoScript at all.


I like the security provided by NoScript a lot but it's clearly shown itself to not play well with others.

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