Friday, August 24, 2007

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are vandals.

I have already blogged previously about the Post-Gazette's unethical subscription marketing practices, today I get to complain about their website.

On Wednesday, we began getting calls from users at that could not access the internet. They could access The Bank's internal intraweb sites but any attempt to get outside was met with a "Page cannot be displayed" message, as if something were wrong with the proxy server. Except that if the user's rebooted, they could again access the Internet. That is, for a single website. then, the Internet was blocked again. Clearly, something was going on with these individuals machines because it was not everyone (if it were the proxy) and it only seemed to be affecting Pittsburgh users.

It wasn't until Thursday that we were able to connect this behavior to the Post-Gazette's website. People who would visit the PG website would have their systems hang and then, *crunch*, no more Internet. Something in the PG's scripting is wonky.

Today, I got a new PC and accidentally clicked on a Post-Gazette link. Too late. The Forcastfox weather bar on my Firefox blanked out. Firefox couldn't get to the Internet. IE couldn't get to the Internet. When I rebooted I received a Java scripting error. Once my PC came back up, everything seemed fine, so I had apparently avoided permanent damage to my system, or at least a reinstall of Java.

Hey, Post-Gazette webmasters! Is this some effort to slip malicious code into my machine or are you simply incompetent? In any case, I'm AdBlocking the Post-Gazette because I simply can't trust them anymore.

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