Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Move it on over

Today was the big move from our one office space to the new location. Most everything was packed and ready to go by the end of my shift at 4:30 so it took less than half an hour for me to break down the workstation, label everything and have it ready to go. Then it was an hour waiting for the movers to arrive, exacerbated by the fact that some moron turned off the air conditioning at lunch time. Normally my cube is a chilly 60 degrees but the temperature climbed all afternoon into the 70s.

Once the movers arrived and starting loading stuff up, it was a walk over to the new building and then another hour wait for the equipment to actually arrive. At least the temperature was reasonable. While I was waiting in the cube with my iPod filling the time, the Operations Manager came by and asked what I thought.

"It looks like a call center, and even more so once they get the lights on."

"I think it looks like a professional Help Desk."

"I've seen professional Help Desks and every one I've seen has subdued lighting and full cubes. It's going to be too bright in here and I don't like the glass-walls on the half-cubes."
She gave me a pained look. "If you didn't want to hear my opinion, you shouldn't have come over here to ask."

"No. We want your opinion."

"For all the good it will do."

In addition, I was told that the building had lockers and a shower. This sounded like a good thing but I found that to use the lockers I had to go to the front desk and leave some sort of collateral for a key. Then go downstairs to use the facilities, back up to exit the building or retrieve my collateral. I suppose for someone taking a break once in a while to jog during lunch this is not an onerous requirement but for me commuting every day to have to beg for a key twice a day, every day, it's inconvenient to the point of uselessness.

I'm sure I'll have all sorts of more detailed comments to make once I actually start working in the environment but, for now, I'm under-impressed.

And I have tomorrow off so I can go get my root canal.

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