Thursday, August 16, 2007


Two weeks ago when one of my extensively filled teeth started hurting, the dentist gave me the choice between extraction and a root canal. Last week, I had that root canal and everything went as well as might be expected. The best part was that it didn't hurt anymore. Tonight, the dentist drilled away the crown of the tooth and replaced it with a temporary cap. Now I have to wait a month before they give me a permanent replacement crown.

But, in the past week, since all this started, a tooth on the left side has started to give me trouble. Some years ago, the dentist had predicted that it would be the next on my hit parade and she was surprised when the tooth on the right side caused problems. Well, now that left side tooth has gotten sensitive to the cold.

Once this current tooth is all done, I'm going to have to have that tooth gutted and decapitated as well.


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