Friday, August 10, 2007

My first full day in the new office

I have been told that the large plushy Cthulhu sitting on top of my monitor is now unacceptable (because of the half height cubes). Apparently it disrupts the professional conformity of the cubicle farm. I had said it looked like a call center.

The lights are far too bright. People are complaining about headaches by it being so bright. Call center

While I have a 6'x8' cube, most of the cubes are paired, with two people sharing a 12'x8' space with no wall separating them. Call center.

I despise the half-height cubes and glass actually in the cube walls. I've already taped them over but I still can't help seeing all of my coworkers. I'd rather not. Call center.

It started off a bit warm but cooled off a little after complaints. Instead of having a huge vent blowing air down on my head (which I had tried taping over) I now had a small vent on the floor behind me blowing air onto the back of my neck. Thankfully, I was able to pry up the floor vent and realign it so the air was blowing in another direction.

The Function Desk is on the far side of the room. At the old location it was on the far side of the room as well but the room was half the size. With the huge room, it should be centrally located. That is, if they actually want people to come to them with questions. I have learned that most of the answers I get from the Function Desk aren't helpful anyway so I have little reason to ask them for advice anymore.

There is no vending machine with chocolate milk so I need to wait until the building cafe opens for my "breakfast." The cafe has a decent view, plenty of seating and reasonable prices. The milk isn't as cold as it was from the vending machine, though.

A coworker has a peanut allergy so they have been banned from the workspace. Snickers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, about the only two candy bars I ever eat, are banned.

I was told that the building had lockers and a shower. Unfortunately the procedure for actually using these facilities make them useless to me. I would need to go to the security desk, leave "collateral" of some sort, go down stairs to us the facilities, then come back up to return the key. They clearly don't want people actually using these facilities by making them convenient.

Comfortable chair.

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