Monday, August 06, 2007


Several years ago, one of my molars was filled to the point where it's mostly a big chunk of metal that has since painfully transferred cold directly to the nerve. Actually, just about all of my teeth have been drilled and filled in one form or another, but this was the only one that was sensitive in that way. About two weeks ago, the tooth started to ache a bit. It wasn't much but I immediately knew that the time was fast approaching for the inevitable root canal. This past week, the ache had increased. Not to the point that I would call it "painful" but enough that if I am not distracted by something, I notice the irritation. Say, when I'm trying to sleep. As such, I haven't been sleeping well.

The dentist gave me two options; extraction and root canal. I immediately chose root canal because I want teeth to chew with. I've got a prescription to counter the infection that's causing the pain and have to make an appointment with another specialist to have the actual digging done.

Some fun, eh?

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