Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marvel Super Hero RPG, Game Session 4

Having returned to the city it is decided to start on the list of dirty cops that Dr. Impossible gave us. Some inquiries linked with the death of the rest of the group's neighbor leads us to a local strip club where we find one of the dirty cops enjoying a lap dance.

Oh, at this session, Christian Soldier isn't with us and we have a new member. Another neighbor who was killed and came back from the dead (more like "Reanimator" but we keep calling him a zombie). he has telekinetic powers so has earned the superhero name Dead Lift.

The dirty cop goes in the back to screw the lap dancer and Overgrowth goes to spy. I can send out a surreptitious tendril to appear as if he's just standing by the hallway. The prostitute comes out and he spies the copy doing heroin. Doing his good deed, he calls the cops on his cell phone.

If I had known he was going to do that, I would have stopped him because I noticed another patron taking an interest in his standing there. Shortly after Overgrowth called, the lookout gets a call and then rousts Overgrowth from his place. He come back to our table and says he's going around back. I say I'll be approaching from this side.

Dead Lift is busy watching the floor show.

When I get to the back, Overgrowth, having changed to his "vegi-hulk" form, had just slammed them both inside as they had tried to sneak out the back. I pick them both up by the hair and drag them into the back office where we are going to proceed to beat them up.

Yea, we didn't have anything better planned that that. Actually, I decide that since we have one of the bad cops hopped up on heroin, if we drip him off at a hospital or, better yet, at the TV station, his career's is pretty much over. Justice can be served.

Once I drag him outside, I convert to my full demon form and put the fear of Hell into him. I fly him over to the TV station and in classic Spider-Man form, leave him there with a note pinned to his jacket.

"What the wicked dreads will overtake him and his ultimate punishment is yet to pass, but I give him to you as a gift to find justice as you see fit. Were I to exact that justice, this dirty cop would have been left rotting in a ditch somewhere. Enjoy."
---- Brimstone

Later, Overgrowth's cell phone call came around when the police, all of them, raided his apartment. He heard them coming and was able to disguise himself as a shrubbery but they got the list.

We were able to salvage something. The car that Dr. Impossible gave him had a printer to produce a new identity and another copy of the list. Some party unknown killed someone and dumped him in the river and then faked the official record to say that Overgrowth's secret identity had been murdered. It's all fairly messy but we're planning on focusing our attention on the name at the top of the list, the Chief of Police, with every intention of bringing him down. In some sense, it's be so much easier to just kill him but we're still a little dubious about the pedigree of the list were working from and don't want to do the wrong thing.

And Brimstone made the news. It was a few of terrified witnesses, the drugged up cop, and a blurry cell camera picture but the TV station is describing what they saw as "what can best be described as a demon." It was bound to happen and, in fact, I intended it to happen eventually and had hoped I could manipulate it to be the good guy. Or at least not the villain. Vigilante will do.

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