Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marvel Super Hero RPG, Game Session 3

This game consisted of a great deal of talking, misdirection and misunderstanding. For the other characters, Christian Soldier and Overgrowth, they were being picked up by cops when the cops are attacked by armed troops rappelling from an airship. There are fireballs, forcefields, stun guns and a Magneto-looking guy making an offer to join him and change the world.
The play to my character is the airship flying overhead and a holographic projection of his mother, Lilith, asking him to join up.

I'm really going to make this long story short. The guy in charge, Dr. Impossible makes all sort of New World Order offers that scream supervillian. He's got soldiers. Asian chick servants. An airship. A secret island base. The works. Only after meeting the rest of the people he has assembled (they meet every send Thursday) do we finally figure out that these people really are a loose association of heroes lead by this guy with a flair for the dramatic, too much money and not enough genuine leadership skills.

The other players in the game finally learn Damon's codename "Brimstone." and still think evil. They probably should but, though he is a demon, that's not being about evil. Damon's mom seduces Christian Soldier. ("Mom, I though you had much better taste than that.") Every time he speaks, he reveals himself more and more to not be a real Christian. Just a right-wing neo-con wrapping himself in a cloak of righteousness. I don't like him much and none of the other heroes do either. It's going to very interesting as the game progresses and the demon begins training the so-called Christian in how to be a hero.

The first lesson is that heroes don't think.

When there was gunfire at the toy store in th last session, Christian Soldier was standing outside trying to figure out how to advance without any risk and Overgrowth had taken the form of a potted plant, waiting to see how everything went down.

Think of heroes. Not the comicbook fictionalizations of heroes but real people. Firemen who run into burning buildings. Police officers putting themselves between gunfire and bystanders. People just walking by who jump into raging floodwaters to save someone they've never met. These people are all heroes and one of the things they have in common is that they act without thinking. They don't look for ways to proceed safely. They don't consider their own safety. They don't hesitate. They act. As naturally as anyone else might take a breath or blink their eyes they jump into danger to save someone else.

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And thus, are heroes made."

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