Thursday, July 05, 2007


The rear tire on my bike was flat again this morning and the hole was in nearly the same place as the one two weeks ago; on the inside near the valve. I checked carefully and there was nothing on the rim to cause such a thing. The tire is rated for 80-100 psi and I'm only putting 80 psi in it so it shouldn't be blowing because of that. If it's not being punctured by a foreign object and it's not being over inflated the only remaining cause (short of gremlins, sprites or faeries) is a defective product.

When I was replacing it, everything looked fine until I put it on the bike, then it blew out. Literally.
This I blame on not having the right rims for the wheels, and that I blame on the bike shop in Monroeville that replaced my broken rims with narrower ones. I'll probably get at least the rear wheel replaced sometime this year as the spokes are getting rusted and are, in some cases, not able to be adjusted to true the wheel. While the wheel remains in true I'll let it go but eventually it will need replaced. I'll get the proper rims this time.

In the meantime, I was able to carefully deflate the tube, re-align it in the tire and inflate it normally.

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