Monday, July 16, 2007

A heap of miscellanea

On today's ride into work I had my highest gear slipping with the new chain. That means that it's worn to uselessness in 1000 miles. It used to be that I would get 2000 miles out of a freewheel cassette. And before that, I rode untold miles without the freewheel wearing out. Crap for materials is the only explanation.

So, the theoretical solution is to get a cassette that I can change out only the highest gear, the one that wears out the most. To do this, I'll have to get a new wheel but I was planning on doing that anyway. I'll stop by the bike shop and do the numbers to decide if it really is worth it or if I should be throwing away freewheel cassettes with every chain.

I took my laptop to work today and still couldn't get connected to Pittsburgh's free WiFi. Last time, I called and the tech said there was a known issue in the area. I can't imagine that it's still going on.

On this Mandatory Overtime Monday, I fielded over 100 calls. Second place went to an analyst who took 70 calls. There is something seriously wrong with the system when I take 40% more calls than the next most productive analyst and easily twice as many calls as nearly all the rest. And still I look out on the floor and see as many empty seats as I saw two years ago.

On the plus side, even with all the paid time off I have spent and have allocated, I still have 40 hours to spend by the end of the year. Perhaps a bike riding trip to Ohio. Some mid week hiking. Visiting the brother-in-law in Chicago.

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