Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Google Earth sucks

I built a number of maps of the Great Allegheny Passage using the "My Maps" feature of Google Maps. The problem is that there were so many waypoints and paths that they didn't show them all on one page. And uploading them to Google Earth only seems to transfer the first page of waypoints. So, I deleted the waypoints from Google Maps and loaded it again into Google Earth so that I could add those waypoints.

Now, I thought it was good because then I could see all of the waypoints at once. I used "save" and "save as" and used both .KML and .KMZ file formats. But, after closing then re-opening the application most of the tracks were simply gone.

I had meticulously clicked out 150 miles of paths on Google Maps only to have them simply disappear.

Oh, and when you use "cut", you can't use "paste." They should have just called it "delete."

And you can't move waypoints from one location to another, for example to change the order so that the flyover makes sense. Or even to group things together, say to put all the tracks in one folder and all the other waypoints in another.

A whole lot of work simply flushed down the toilet.

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