Friday, February 16, 2007

Restroom Wars

When I got in to work this morning there was a sign taped up in the rest room saying that the cleaning staff would not be cleaning the restrooms during weekdays. Perhaps some obsessive/compulsive on the Hand Washing Committee complained that, when the female cleaning staff was in the men's restroom he had to make the arduous journey to another floor. The obvious solution is to not clean the bathroom during business hours.

I'm sure this didn't go over well with the Hand Washing Committee. Earlier this week they had posted signs on the bathroom mirror complaining that the soap dispensers were out of soap. "How can we follow the rules posted on the door when the dispensers are empty?" they asked. There are 10 whiny reasons why people should wash their hands posted on the door. Occasionally it gets torn down but they've taped it back up with a thick layer of packing tape. There have previously been attempts to post signs that "require" that all employees wash their hands but this were repeatedly removed so they finally settled on the sheet that merely suggests that hands be washed.

By 9am, the signs posted by the cleaning staff had been torn down, as if taking away the signs will change the decision. Or perhaps they plan to take the signs to Building Management is evidence of the evil that is going on.

I wonder if the Hand Washing Committee is as much a Secret Society as it seems. Do they have a mailing list to keep members informed of infractions? Do they have regular meetings? Do they have a secret handshake? Probably not, considering their concerns over the transference of germs. I do know that, should you be witnessed not washing your hands they will report you to your manager and claim that you are violating health laws. (Which is a lie, by the way.)

I'm sure their constant whining about cleanliness in the restroom irritates the cleaning staff and I'm sure that they recognize that this is only happening in the men's restroom on this floor. It's an ongoing battle between the neb-shits of the Hand Washing Committee and those that thought this sort of behavior was left behind in grade school.

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