Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Multi-levels of suckitude

The Inquirer website has been blocked by The Bank. I guess I.T. news is not considered business related.

Eight people called off today, leaving us short staffed. Again. Perhaps they didn't like having to work a 10-hour day after a holiday or perhaps they were more pissed of at not having been made aware of this requirement.

The Operations Manager was interviewing a few prospective employees. For a while, the training room was full of people because there wasn't enough room on the floor for all the analysts. Now, there's plenty of space, even if those eight we're missing today were here. I wonder what the bleed rate is right now? I wonder if any of those eight simply won't be coming back at all.

The Windows patch to fix the issue with Daylight Savings Time coming early has been delayed for the third time. Apparently they still haven't gotten it right. C'mon, guys. You're running out of time. So I asked the Site Manager (or, actually now the former Site Manager. With the new guy here, I'm not sure of titles.) if we were going to bump staffing levels that Monday. He had absolutely no clue of the potential for trouble. I hope this does not become an "I told you so" moment.

A fairly typical 69 calls for the day.

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