Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Weather Geek

Back in High School, I participated in a career day. It was an opportunity to spend a day with professionals in a prospective career field and, at the time, I was looking at a career in meteorology. I went to the county airport and spent a day with the guys at Denardo-McFarland Weather. They placed bets on whether a weather system would develop into thunder showers or thunder storms. They showed me their secret porn stash in the filing cabinet. I passed on the opportunity to actually do the weather report for KDKA. They told me not to become a meteorologist.

I never completely gave up my interest in the weather and, while I can't stomach watching an entire evening of The Weather Channel, a can still read a detailed professional weather map and got a little geeked out when I discovered the Pittsburgh Weather Blog.

Now these guys are geeks.

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