Monday, February 12, 2007

Time off for bad behavior

We were making plans to go to Millennicon in a month so I submitted my request for that Friday off so that I could drive to Cincinnati.

Team Lead: Request denied Between March 14th and March 26th no requests will be approved due to the ********** rollout.

Geis: And this is why we say things like there is a lack of communication around here. Knowing this restriction in advance would have prevented me and my family from attempting to make plans. So now if I'm going to not waste the hotel reservation, I'm going to need to drive to Cincinnati by myself to meet my wife for the weekend. How about half a day? But then again, even that's probably not going to prevent us from having to take two cars.

Team Lead: You are 100% right. I should have notified everyone when this was brought to my attention (Thursday). My apologies.

Geis: Being right is no consolation when were driving two cars to the same destination. Does that screw the following weekend for which I was already approved?

Team Lead: No.

In point of fact, not only does H**** not plan on driving herself to
Cincinnati, we have at least one other person we were going to be driving. One way or another we are not taking two cars to Cincinnati. If, by some chance, I am able to score half a day off, I'll be getting out at 11:30, which won't be too bad. If not, fuck 'em. I'll just leave a note on the Team Lead's desk on Thursday when I leave and just not come in Friday. They can write me up for an unexcused absence when I get back.

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