Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scary Boy Scout

On the ride back from town on the Eliza Furnace Trail, I came across a wallet on the trail, the owner's college photo ID showing in the clear plastic window. Since I hadn't passed anyone on the way out of town I figured they were further on ahead so I put the wallet in my pocket and rode on.

It's was not long at all before I caught up with a pair of young women walking up the trail. When I stopped and asked "Is one of you Stephanie?" they looked somewhat startled. Not surprising as I was bundled up against the cold and probably looked quite menacing. The one girl had this very puzzled look on her face when I addressed her by name and actually took an intimidated step backwards.

That all changed when I handed her wallet to her, saying "Then you'll be looking for this." She gushed an excited blessing as I quickly rode off.

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