Friday, May 04, 2007

New from the Hand Washing Committee

For many months now, the Hand Washing Committee has had a top-10 sign posted on the inside of the men's restroom door warning us of all the nasty things that shall befall us should we not wash our hands. The dispensers ran out of soap recently and the water was cold so there were plenty of signs posted on the mirrors to the cleaning staff to "take care of the situation."

A new sign showed up on the door this morning. It says "The Dirt on Women at Work. A woman's workplace surface holds more germs than a man's, with their computer mice and keyboards housing four times more bacteria and their desk drawers holding seven times more germs than men's."

The handwritten prefix to this message is "Looks like someone else needs to talk about washing their hands."

Now, were this posted in a more public space instead of just in the men's room, this would clearly be considered sexual harassment. As it is, it's probably going to be considered merely sexist. I'm sure the Hand Washing Committee looks at it as good clean fun.

Are these people really that stupid that they think someone won't point the inappropriateness of this out to upper management?

Someone like me.

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Anonymous said...

A womans desk is dirtier because she has to sit there and eat lunch and work harder to earn half the bloody pay!