Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bonus channels

I was flipping through channels last night and came across a hanging that I recognized. Guy Fawkes being hung in the opening of "V for Vendetta."


Wait a minute? Did he just say "Fuck'n 'ell"? This must be HBO. Except that I don't subscribe to HBO. I wondered if, a few weeks ago when our cable was inadvertently disconnected, if the tech didn't reconnect more than we were authorized for. In mentioning this to a coworker he said that he got HBO on one of his TVs as well. Even though he multiple TVs in the house, he only gets HBO on one of them. It must be some sort of encryption issue that some cable-ready units can handle and others cannot.

And it's merely a coincidence that I mentioned a surveillance society in my blog yesterday before the movie later in the evening.

Only a coincidence.

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