Friday, May 25, 2007

Lucky Seven

I found out the body count from yesterday's e-mail scandal was seven! The rest of us are going to have to work hard to make up for the loss. Well, perhaps not so hard because Team Lead D never actually took calls and I'm not sure what volume the other people who got axed were covering. Since I usually take twice as many calls as the average Help Desk analyst, I suspect I'll notice the slack I'm picking up but probably not more than that. It won't be like the hell of a failed software rollout (like this past Monday was).

I noticed that the Tactical Manager was unexpectedly upbeat today. After loosing a fifth of our staff and almost loosing the contract, sending us all out into the street, one would expect management to be a little more withdrawn. But he was pretty much the same chipper guy as usual. Perhaps he's glad to see Team Lead D gone as well. Perhaps there's a relief that he didn't loose his head in the scandal as well. Perhaps it's a mask he's put on to keep morale from flagging.

He came around at midday begging for people to volunteer for more hours to cover for the lost staff. I told him I'd have to get back to him because I'm carpooling with my daughter and will need to talk with her about it.

Geis: "You know, the irony is that I told you this would happen two months ago."

Tac Mgr: "Yes. Yes, you did. And it wasn't just inappropriate. It was appalling."

He did not elaborate and I did not ask. Rumors have it as a "worst case scenario" but I don't believe it. My worst case scenario includes Federal agents, impounded computers and feature coverage on CNN. Surely, this was bad but far from the worst that I can imagine.

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