Friday, May 18, 2007

Commitment to Communication

Got an e-mail just before lunchtime today saying that because of a scheduled rollout on Sunday, those scheduled to work on Sunday through Wednesday will need to work mandatory overtime.

So, I immediately went to the office to ask:

Geis: "When was this decision made?"

Site Manager: "When?"

Geis: "Yes, when. When was this decision made, because it would be nice to have more than two days warning when there are major changes to all our schedules."

Site Manager: "Earlier in the week."

Geis: "And was there a particular reason why this information was kept from us?"

Site Manager: "It was supposed to go out earlier in the week. Is there a problem?"

Geis: "Only in the so-called 'Commitment to Communication' management keeps talking about."

I turned my back and walked away without further comment.

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