Saturday, May 12, 2007

aaaaaaaaand, we're back.

Our Internet and cable TV have been down for two days. We called Comcast and they said they might be out by Monday. It turns out, they were able to come out this morning and check things out.

What I hadn't noticed was that there was a piece of cut coaxial cable and a big crescent wrench lying in the ivy at the bottom of the pole. The tech climbed the ladder and said we had been disconnected.

His explanation is that auditors have been traveling about disconnecting people who shouldn't have cable (like those that haven't paid their bills) and have been making a number of mistakes.

Terrific. You've got one set of employees going around disconnecting people and another group going around fixing their mistakes. Sound like a scam to me.

So, after two days, I have some 500 emails waiting for me, 350 of which are spam.

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