Monday, March 19, 2007

Opting out.

On Thursday April 26, 2007, children across the country will participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. This annual event was created to encourage young girls and boys to think about their dreams for the future for both work and family.

The Bank Operations business leaders have unanimously agreed to opt out of the event across all business lines this year because of issues related to privacy, production, security and safety.
Sure they talk about privacy, security and safety but really, those are non-issues. Kids aren't running around unsupervised, hacking customer accounts and raiding the vaults. There are no dangerous chemicals or heavy machinery to protect them from. We all know that bank profits are more important than our children's dreams for the future.

Now, before you give The Bank the benefit of the doubt on the safety
issues, know that a year after 9/11 when a city ordinance required that all building occupants participate in building evacuation drills, The Bank decided that the Help Desk and the Call Center were going to "opt out" of the drill, as if it were optional rather than required by law. Clearly they are not so concerned with safety as they are with keeping the machines running and the money flowing. They were unconcerned that this was illegal and simply took the fine issued by the Fire Marshal as the cost of doing business.

If The Bank is willing to break the law to make money, their children's dreams don't stand a chance.

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