Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arrrrr, I got me a pirate sword.

I bought a pirate sword at Millennicon. I hadn't intended to purchase anything of the type but a friend of mine was looking to buy a baldric from a sword/chain mail/leather dealer. She asked if $50 was a good price and, based on what I was seeing when I was shopping for pirate garb, yes, $50 was a good price for this particular piece. With the con drawing to a close, I had convinced myself that it was such a good deal that I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to get one for myself. I found one that fit but a true fitting requires a sword. I tried a rapier but I wouldn't be carrying a rapier so he brought out a cutlass. He said that it was normally $40 but if it was purchased with the baldric he would knock another $10 off of it. It also had some cosmetic scuffs on the scabbard so he was willing to knock another $10 off. A $50 baldric plus a $20 cutlass? Sold.

Once I got home, I checked up on things and pretty much found what I
expected. The baldric was a pretty good deal for $50. The sword normally sells for $40 but I saw them on e-Bay for bids starting at $20 or Buy-it-now for $30. I didn't get a terrific deal there but I didn't get ripped off.

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