Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An apolgy to Comcast

After the absolutely awful speeds of this morning, it was decided we had had enough. But before complaining to Comcast, I recommended connecting a PC straight into the cable modem because I knew that whatever tech drone we got a hold of at Comcast was going to say that they didn't support the network and we would have to do it anyway. So, having done that, our speeds improved dramatically.

It was our router all along.

Now, in my defense, We were fooled by two things. Firstly; the dramatic slowdown in performance came at exactly the same time as our migration from Adelphia to Comcast. We assumed that Comcast was the problem because we saw that as the only thing that had changed. We assumed that there was a correlation when, in fact, it was merely coincidence.

Secondly; after spending all day troubleshooting other people's problems, we came home disinclined to do any more work. We assumed that Comcast was the problem because we saw that as the only thing that had changed.

We are, admittedly, bad customers. We are exactly the kind of people we would have to have call us for support.

So, sorry, Comcast. Sorry for maligning your reputation on unverified evidence.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

it would still be a Comcast problem. i was experiencing a lot of similar problems with Comcast a few weeks ago. every 2-3 days the connection would get slower and slower until it finally just died. funny enough, connecting directly to the modem worked like a charm, so i naturally thought it had something to do with the router too.

well, it turns out we had a bad junction box on the pole outside the house. the faulty box was causing the modem to max out it's signal strength, which was enough to make one PC connected to it work fine, but once it had to send that signal through a router, it couldn't handle the additional traffic and would eventually slow to a crawl.


Der Geis said...

Given that the new router works just fine, I think it's pretty good evidence that it was the old router that was th weak link in the system.