Friday, April 06, 2007

Stupid Procedure #387

A month ago, The Bank instituted new password complexity rules, requiring that certain passwords include special characters in addition to the standard letters and numbers. This has meant a 40% increase in password calls as people try to adapt.

There have been emails sent out to employees concerning this change since as far back as November. The actual implementation of this change was delayed three times and each time included additional e-mails. We at the Help Desk have been directed to send out even more emails. Each time we change someone's password, we are required to send out an email reminding them of the new rules.

If they didn't read the first 5 email instructions that were sent to them, why do we think they are going to pay attention to number 6?

The day before yesterday, Analyst J was directed by a Team Lead to go around to everyone and visually confirm that everyone had this email ready in the draft folder ready to go. It's terribly insulting to be treated like children in this way. Then today, one of the Team Leads sent out an email again asking for confirmation that the email was in the draft folder. Insulting AND a case of management not knowing what managers are actually doing.

Something of an aside related to previous issues. . . I have heard, over my cubicle wall, Analyst J complaining about his having been talked to about using abbreviations. Apparently, he would abbreviate things in his tickets in such a way that the Function Desk would not understand what he meant. His hyperbolic response was to verbally stink about it, saying that he would writ out everything, even threatening to spell out International Business Machines.

So, when he came to my cube to check on the password email, I gave him a look that reflected my disbelief at the way were being treated. He commented that he had the same expression when he was told by FD Analyst T about using abbreviations.

"I was going to get her a gift of heavy flow tampons but was told I

That's an understatement! Remember the comment I made last week about "sexual harassment" and "a lawsuit waiting to happen"? Well, that would have been it right there.

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