Sunday, April 15, 2007

Online shopping

This may come under the category of "too much information" but I've been having a difficult time buying underwear.

When I was a kid living at home, I wore the "tighty whities." At college, however, I began commuting by bicycle and that very quickly destroyed the leg elastic. I set out to find a different style that I wouldn't wreck and found something cut pretty high. There then came a time that I was out shopping for replacements and could not find that style anymore. I settled for a different string bikini style that worked OK but wasn't quite as resistant to destruction. And going out this past week to replace underwear that had worn out I discover that neither style of underwear that I've been wearing for 20 years is available. I drove all over the place and in store after store, the only briefs they had were variations on the "tighty whities."
I don't look anything like this.
When you can't find a product in a brick and mortar store, you go online. I've spent far too much time surfing the web looking at photos om men's crotches in an attempt to find underwear. Buying underwear online?!?!?! Who would have ever imagined? The first stop was Hanes website because they used to have the right style. Not anymore. Thus I spent far too much time surfing the web looking at men's crotches. Eventually, I found an online store that had exactly what I was looking for. . . from Hanes.

That I do not understand. I can understand, perhaps, that a market like Pittsburgh couldn't support a certain style of underwear in big box retailers but why wouldn't Hanes carry it on their own website?

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