Sunday, April 01, 2007

Get Medieval

Yesterday, I discovered a webcomic called "Get Medieval", a story of a number of spacefarers trapped on Earth in the Middle Ages. I've been spending hours clicking through the archives until I finally got to what was apparently the last one:

Guys, I have a very sad announcement to make.

Last night, I recieved a Cease And Desist order from Monolith Productions, the company that makes the computer game 'Get Medieval'. They claim I am infringing on their copyright, and I've been ordered to stop producing comics and merchandise under the name 'Get Medieval' within twenty-four hours of recieving the letter. Being as I'm a starving student who can't afford a lawyer, while they're a software company making millions of dollars, I don't have much choice.

Farewell, folks. It's been fun.

Damn! I hate it when lawyers get their hands on something good and. . . . oh. Yea.

April 1st.

Damn. Got me.

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