Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today was one of the days I specified for spending some of the PTO I had accumulated before I loose it at the end of the month. I spend half of a day at work and the other half running errands.

For the half day I spent at work, when I had left I had taken a dozen calls, changing passwords, configuring VPN, changing printer settings and the like. In short, at the end of my time I had actually accomplished very little.

For my afternoon I went to a bike shop, had my bike tuned up and had some parts ordered to replace worn ones in anticipation of the summer biking season. Stopped at home to have a quick snack. Checked my porch to find that I had received the game camera I intend to use to catch the squicky vandal greasing my door handle at the Eliza Furnace Trail parking lot. I got a haircut. Got the oil changed in my car. Stopped by a Panera and had a another snack while I checked my e-mail using their wireless connection because I'm having problems with my network connection at home. I went to BestBuy and bought a new cable modem to solve said connectivity problems. And I bought some C-cell batteries and a charger to drive the game camera.

I wasn't quite home at my regular time but, as you can see, my time not working was much more productive than the time I spent at the Help Desk. Work is something I do to make money so I can be much more productive away from work.

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