Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One small step

I had a phone interview today for a "Remote Support Specialist" (sp. Help Desk) position. It was all very preliminary but, hey, it's a start. A public policy think tank is expanding their Pittsburgh office and consolidating all their remote support in one location. The first good thing is that I got a call at all. The second is that they have gotten "dozens" of responses but are hiring half a dozen so the odds are in my favor, better even than my chances at my last interview where they started with over 400 applications and narrowed it down to three or four.

When I was in school working on my Information Science and Political Science degrees, I sort of hoped that one day I could get a job working for The Tank. I didn't think it was likely because I hadn't started in Poli Sci but now it looks like I might have my chance having taken the I.T. route.

Even with nearly two decades of dreaming of just such an opportunity, I'm trying not to get my hopes too high. If I spend too much on expectations, the crash will be even harder should success elude me.

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