Friday, October 12, 2007

Liberal Media

I have been a long time and loyal listener of WDUQ public radio. I've been a member on and off over the years, mostly depending on how my finances happen to be when pledge time rolls around, but DUQ is on my radio almost all the time. (Except when Music from India is on, then I prefer opera on QED.) But this evening there was a report that shook my support.

You may have noticed that Planned Parenthood has been underwriting DUQ programming this week. I know that I noticed it. And Duquesne University noticed it too. The Catholic university, which licenses WDUQ and claims to give them editorial and financial independence, came down upon them like a ton of bibles and ordered that the spots be pulled and the money returned.

The claim is that Planned Parenthood doesn't meet with the "Christian" ideals of Duquesne University and, since a gift to DUQ is also a gift to Duquesne University, they could not accept the gift. So, how independent is DUQ that the university theocrats can step in and dictate who they can accept donations from?

When I heard the Duquesne University spokesperson explaining why they couldn't accept a gift from Planned Parenthood ("and we have a stack of legal precedent to back us up, nyaa, nyaa, nyaa") I also heard her saying why they couldn't accept a gift from me. I support women's reproductive rights so my money isn't welcome.

Oh, I'm sure that they would actually take my money, even knowing I was an atheistic anarcho-collectivist disestablishmentarian, because they could do so anonymously. They don't have to acknowledge on the air that they took money from a heretic such as myself.

The journalistic integrity of WDUQ has been compromised. Was that recent epic-length report about the installation of the new bishop in Pittsburgh honest journalism of interest to the community or was that influences by the Duquesne University higher ups?

I just got a raise recently and, since my finances were looking better, I was going to be renewing my DUQ membership. The operative word in that sentence is "was" because now, that money is going to be sent to Planned Parenthood.

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