Saturday, June 09, 2007

Marvel Super Hero RPG, Game Session 2

This week's scenario (two game weeks after the bank robbery of the last session) began with my character Damon making a delivery and pickup at Warner Center. Well, not actually Warner Center just like the game is not actually taking place in Pittsburgh. Sort of a Marvel version of Pittsburgh (just as Gotham and Metropolis are DC versions of New York). Anyway, this version of Warner Center was actually a decent urban mall and several of the other characters witnessed me entering the mall. They followed me in.

As I went from the one customer to the next, I finally noticed that someone was calling "Hey, Fire-Man." Since I had revealed myself to be self immolating, I eventually figured out it was me.

"What do you want?"

"You have superpowers."

"And you don't. Bye."

The Christian Soldier (As a player, I've learned his superhero name) demonstrates his powers by causing a wind to blow through the mall, blowing up the skirt of a nearby nun. I suppose I can appreciate that so I offer to meet them upstairs in the food court in five minutes (intending to just walk out the front door instead).

But then automatic gunfire erupts somewhere in the mall. I run up the escalator, looking for action, when I find them hesitating in front of the toy store. I run by them, past the polar bear (a minimum-wage teen with her mascot costume caught on shelving), down the isle and deliver a flying tackle to the person spraying the store indiscriminately with bullets.

It turns out to be a kid with a real gun hidden inside a toy gun. At the end of another isle there is more gunfire so I run and tackle a second kid. Meanwhile, the other two (Christian Soldier and the plant guy) have pulled some people out of the store and are questioning the manager, who is ranting about some movie merchandising.

When the cops show up, they begin explaining what was going on.

Christian Soldier says, "When I saw the kids with guns, my first thought was Islamic terrorists."

When a cop finds me in the back of the store investigating the box that the guns came in, he asks if I was with them.

"With those freaks? No."

I duck out of the store when no one is looking. Unfortunately, the other "heroes" have also been able to extricate themselves from the situation. The hulking plant guy herds us into the elevator and we make our exit. Christian Soldier says "I'm Brad and this is Scott. We want you to join our team." Scott (now transformed out of his plant form) smacks himself in the forehead at his partner's stupidity. Brad gives me his phone number so we can keep in touch. I give them my name (Why the hell not?) and a number they can call at the messenger service to get me on the radio for a "pick up."

That evening, I get a call to meet them at a Chinese restaurant. I'm told that they are going to meet God, who has been talking in Christian Soldier's head. On the second floor in a dingy apartment is an old man in a wheelchair and hooked up on oxygen."

"Well, that's a bit anticlimactic. I was hoping for Morgan Freeman."

Not really. But the story he spills is of Nazi scientists brought to the US after the war. Secret formulas. Rogue scientists. A greater battle between the forces of Good and Evil.

"Man, I am so outta' here."

The old guy reveals that he knows who I am and ties me into this whole mess. He gives a sword to Christian Soldier (who, in the last gaming session was whining about how weak his super powers were and we recommended that he get himself a holy sword) that I recognize the style of. (The GM doesn't reveal the details but I suspect that it's a truly holy relic.) The old man again comes back to me and is really cryptic as to my purpose but I get the picture, I am going to have to help prevent the end of the world.

"No, really. I'm done here."

And I get out.

I'm going to have to get in contact with the GM before the next session to spell some things out so that he doesn't write a stupid background for my character. Also, since we were playing in Bill & Walt's Game Shop, I spent some time sifting through HeroClix figures looking for something appropriate. I found a Human Torch figure that looked cool. I also found a demon chick I figured I could pull the wings off of and attach to the back of the Torch. But the check had the cool demon feet so I thought of doing some more hacking. In the end, I decided to take a knife and file to the breasts of the chick to turn it into a guy and see how that turned out. Many fewer modifications that way. I think it turned out pretty well (except that the picture makes him seem more orange than red). I can't wait for the "reveal" when Christian Soldier discovers that the bike messenger he's been working with is actually a demon.

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