Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oceana has Always has been at War with Eurasia.

My Sister-In-Law sent me the following link:

Loose Change 9-11

Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it does present the events of 9/11 in a different light that makes you wonder if Dubbya really is trying to bring about the world portrayed in Orwell's "1984".

Discounting all the eyewitness accounts (because witnesses are notoriously unreliable), some debatable grainy video enlargements and looking only at the crash site at the Pentagon, the story of a jet liner crashing into the building doesn't hold up. How does a jet liner punch through three buildings? How does it target the building so precisely without skidding off the ground? Why didn't the intense power of the jetliner's engines not blow cars off the road as it supposedly passed 50 feet overhead? Why does the security cam footage from the convenience store across the street not show a jet liner? And the one that I could see with my own eyes on live broadcasts that day; Why is the hole not airplane shaped?

I used to disbelieve conspiracy theories because I was not confident that such a complex plot by the government could be kept secret. Surely, one of the hundreds of people involved would let something slip somewhere. But the more I think about it. . . we have an administration of zealots, crusaders and true believers. Lead by righteousness, they could probably keep a secret much better than a career bureaucrat. And since we now know that the government has been engaging in warrantless domestic wiretapping, they could certainly keep an eye on their own co-conspirators.

Orwell presented a dystopian world that was allowed to get that way because people believed the loss of their freedoms was necessary for their own defense. We eventually learn that the war that Big Brother is waging might not actually exist. That it is a fabrication by the government.

Oceania is at War with Eurasia. Oceana has Always has been at War with Eurasia.

The US is at War with el-Qaeda. The US has Always been at War with el-Qaeda.

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