Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Directions.

The Site Manager responded to my e-mail of yesterday with the following reply:

That was the reason for my reply. If we the management staff are holding the analysts to a standard - then I believe that we should lead by example.

So to your point - the only standard difference is the management team is more accountable.

Geis, we are looking at a new day for the Help Desk and the bulletin board speaks of a direction we are looking to move toward. Some make faster transitions than others. We must be tolerant to a certain degree to allow for change, both in management and analysts. With the level of experience you offer, I welcome your advice and insight but at the same time look to you not to just provide criticism of processes but offer process improvements.

Point made - point taken - point accepted.

He then came over to my cube and asked if I had read his e-mail. I told him that I did and have heard lots of talk over years about the Help Desk "moving in new directions" and I have never seen any of it pan out. Always a lot of talk and never any real progress. And, as to suggestions for improvements rather than just complaints, I have made plenty of suggestions over the years and those haven't seem to gone anywhere either. In this specific case, talk to D***** and have him fix his profile. Then maybe I'll actually see that we are being held to the same standard.

Of course, by the end of the day the only change I had seen is that the profile no longer had EvilScientist but had been changed to D*****'s logon id plus Evil Scientist.

Oh, yea. We're moving in a new direction.

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