Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Evil Scientist.

This morning, C****, our Help Desk Programmer, sent out a message reminding people to change their profiles in the e-pop utility. Every time we log on to the IM-like utility, it assigns the system's computername as our name and we are supposed to change it to our actual names so people know who is who. C**** simply sent out a reminder.

Shortly thereafter, someone sent out a message that said:

From: ***********.Users
Please make certain that you are using your 1st name and last name only.
Not a ficticious name so that it is clear who we are communicating to, as well as, who we need to reach.

The person sending it out had neglected to update their own profile so it was in no way clear who was communicating. And, of course, D***** continued to use EvilScientist as his profile. with his message:
From: Evil Scientist.Users
* * * ATTENTION * * *
If you received this message, then you need to change your epop identity from the workstation please change it now.

I'm really kind of fed up with this, so I sent the following to the Help Desk Site Manager:
"It is extremely hypocritical to be harangued both collectively and individually about not updating our E-Pop profiles and not using fictitious names when the person sending the message has failed to update their profile and D****is allowed to continue to use Evil Scientist as an alias.

I have long believed that Team Leads and Analysts are held to different standards and this behavior only reinforces that opinion. The motivational platitudes on the bulletin board at the front of the room are useless or are, in point of fact, counterproductive if Managers make rules which they themselves do not follow and then continue not to follow even after multiple messages that they themselves send out to Analysts."

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