Monday, February 06, 2006

One for the thumb.

The Steelers won the Super Bowl last night. I wasn't watching the game but the end of the game was clearly anounced in the community with car horns and gunfire.

Yep, people were out in their yards firing shots into the air. In Oakland, a car was overturned The windows were busted out and revelers were allowed to dance atop it for 20 minutes before the police came to put a stop to their fun. Denied that form of vandalism, the crowd moved on, tore down store awnings, smashed windows, flipped city trash cans and newspaper boxes, pulled down street signs and destroyed parking meters. Eventually they found another car to flip over. On the South Side, riot police had to control the mob with Plexiglas shields and batons.

It's a stupid, fucking football game, people! It's just a game! And all YOU did was watch it happen on television.

So, congratulations, yinz guys. My thumb's up for your making this burg truly the City of Champions.

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