Thursday, February 16, 2006

Change of plans.

When I first interviewed for the Help Desk, I had a question about holidays. Since The Corporation had certain official holidays (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, etc) and The Bank had several more holidays (Flag Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, etc), how was that going to be handled? As bank holidays, would we get them like the other holidays? Would we not work and therefore not be paid? Even though the Bank was closed, would we be required to work? What? The HR Rep didn't have an answer so she threw money at me. That's right, she just offered me a slightly higher salary, I believe because she feared that without an answer I wouldn't take the job and they were desperate for warm bodies.

Well, in the past six years they still haven't figured it out. Each bank holiday seems to have some new twist. Sometimes it's been the full timers working 4 hour shifts to provide coverage. Sometimes it was one holiday on and the next off. Then it was voluntary.

President's Day is coming up and I was told months ago that I would not be working. I would, however, have to work the next two "bank" holidays. It was great to know this in advance so that I could make plans.

Except that today, Thursday, there was a meeting of some sort and the plans changed again. I *will* have to work on Monday. And not a full shift but a six hour shift. 10-4.

H**** had taken the day off so that we could spend it together. Sort of a late Valentines.

Thanks a lot, pinheads. These days are on the calendar far in advance. You have the data on just what the staffing requirements are. You've been doing this for almost seven frelling years and you still manage to screw it up each time.

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