Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are you deaf?

Geis: ". . . It sound like you've either lost your connection to your L: drive or your Notes ID file has gone missing. Open notes and you should get a prompt that says 'Choose file to be used as ID.' Does it say that?"

User: "No, it doesn't. It says OK and Cancel and at the top it says 'Choose file to be used as ID."

Geis: "Which is what I just said. Now, click on the drop down next to where it says "Look in" and you should see a list of drives. Do you see the L: drive listed there? It will have your login ID."

User: "No, its' not there."

Geis: "What is there?"

User: "A: Floppy Drive. C: WinXP. D: CD. and my login with an L in parenthesis."

Geis: ". . . "

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