Thursday, September 27, 2007

Linear Parking

The driving part of my typical morning commute is typically a little over 10 minutes. If I get out of the house before 5:50 I beat the traffic on the Parkway East.

Not today.

There was an accident in the tunnel. Then, some pinhead trying to ride the berm to get to the exit ramp around the backed up traffic caused another accident. Traffic was backed up to Monroeville and I was caught in limbo between Wilkinsburg and Edgewood/Swissvale. I sat absolutely stationary for 45 minutes. I turned of the engine and waited it out, listening to the traffic reports lie about traffic getting around the accident in the left lane.

The average commute in Pittsburgh is supposedly around 25 minutes. And while I can boast of a 10 minute commute inbound, getting home the drive is about an hour. My average still sucks. I'd rather spend that time on a bicycle and, if the roads or trails would accomidate that, I would.

And they call it "rush hour."

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