Tuesday, September 25, 2007


An experiment of several levels. First, an Oregon Scientific ATC-2K camera attached to my bike helmet.

Next, attempting to edit the AVI file produced using the Kino video editor in Ubuntu. At first, it wouldn't load the AVI format of the original file. I needed to install ffmpeg to get it to work. It needed to be compressed in time so that the file size is under the 100meg limit necessary to post to Blogspot, which meant using only every 7th frame.

Later, I will need further work with editing. Will I be able to compress the image dimensions so that I can have a smaller file without having to sacrifice frames? I can set the camera to save at a lower image size if necessary. I notice that the angle of having it mounted to my helmet is off a bit. The camera comes with a handlebar mount, perhaps that will be better (although I like it being on my head so that I can pan about if I choose.)

It also takes about half an hour for the 100meg file to upload to blogger. I probably won't be doing that very often.

The 2gig SD card I got with the camera is good for about an hour of footage at the 640x480 30fps setting. Smaller resolutions and frame rates allow for a longer period of filming. The camera is supposedly waterproof. It comes with a rubber strap to mount it to a helmet but the strap is too short for any helmet. I was able to run a velcro strap through the air vents of my bike helmet.

I'm going to be paintballing with my nephew in a month. This camera will definitely be mounted on my gun for that.

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