Thursday, January 18, 2007


When we were installing a new entertainment system we purchased from a friend the outlet died. It didn't trip a breaker and the rest of the circuit works so somewhere behind the wall there is a dead connection. In the upstairs bathroom the light fixture died. Different circuit but the same issue. After pulling the medicine cabinet off the wall I could not understand how the pinhead who wired it ran the wires and so couldn't find the fault. Again, a broken wire somewhere behind the wall. HR has again neglected to deduct the City's Occupation Tax from my paycheck. The radiator on my car overheated because I think one of the fans isn't working. I was going to take it to the shop on Monday because of the holiday but I didn't get that day off so now I have to spend PTO to go to the shop. I spent $100 fixing my bike and the new chain is slipping. I can't seem to adjust it to work right and haven't had time to take it back to the shop. Monday I was working a holiday that everyone else had off. Tuesday was a 10 hour day to handle the extra calls that always come after a three day weekend. Yesterday I took even more calls than I did on Tuesday. Getting home and working on my computer, it suddenly shut off and was accompanied by a burning smell. After an hour and a half of dismantling things I'm hoping that it's only the power supply that I have to replace to get it working. Then, the laundry room drain is clogged. Invariably that leads to nightmares as we know the plumbing under the floor has issues that will eventually cost thousands of dollars to repair. Thousands we don't really have.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as all these things pile one upon another.

A coworker has said things like, "That just proves that God has a sense of humor."

If God is getting his jollies inflicting this petty suffering upon me, then he is a demented little fuck and I'm glad I believe in his nonexistence. I much prefer living in an uncaring universe where this series of unfortunate events come together only as a coincidence. The electrical problems in the house could well be related in that the house was crappily wired years ago and the forces of entropy have finally caught up but their concurrent failure is not the result of a divine creator setting up a second-rate situation comedy.

But knowing that this is not fate or destiny or divine intervention does not make me less mopey or tired of it.

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