Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back into the fold (sort of)

A year ago when I was unceremoniously dropped from being the trainer, the person who apparently was given my job would not bring the new analysts by my cubicle to introduce them, something I had made a point of doing when I was trainer. Eventually, he no longer seemed to be doing training and one of the Team Leads had apparently taken on that responsibility. Several times I heard him going around the cubicles and introducing new employees but he rather conspicuously never dropped by my cubicle. I was persona non grata, an exile in my 48 square foot gulag.

Well now someone else seems to have been made trainer and he actually introduced me to four new analysts. I'll admit that I was a curmudgeon and introduced myself as "Geis, the disgruntled minion."

Am I now part of the team again? Probably not. More likely, the new trainer wasn't let in on the managerial secret of why I was no longer the trainer.

Yea. I'm a little bitter.

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