Thursday, June 15, 2006

Getting the call

It was five weeks ago that I was "offered" a position at a new Help Desk client site. Last week, I was told that I would be getting a call from the Site Manager out there on either Friday or Monday. Well, Tuesday came and went without any response.

My current Site Manager followed up and on Wednesday everyone here got an update call. My own was left on my home answering machine and had an odd tinge to it. The first part seemed to be a disclaimer, along the sort of "I don't know what you've been told" message that makes it seem that my Site Manager's enthusiasm and impression that things were going to be happening quickly and that our moving out there were sure things wasn't so sure. The other part was the suggestion that the delay was because of a management change.

Well, of course there's a management change. The Corporation is taking over someone's Help Desk so it's a given that the current management is going to be replaced. I'm just concerned that we're going to be the first outsiders to invade with the expectation that everyone already there will be getting the axe to be replaced by us cheaper employees. That's what happened when The Corporation took over operations at The Bank just before I started there.

We got another update today. The Site Manager out there wants to do interviews next week. He also wants to get all of us at once. Not in the same room but pretty much at the same time with two sitting in the hall waiting while one is in interviewing. Or perhaps there will be several people interviewing and we'll be processed in a sort of "flash dating" round-robin.

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